Stow, Ohio | 330-686-7100
How Long have you worked at Stow-Glen, or in the Eldercare industry?
4 years

What was your first job?
Quiznos Subs

What did you learn at that job that you apply to your job at Stow-Glen everyday?
I learned that a positive attitude matters above everything else. Happiness is contagious and reflects in everything you do.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I grew up in Hartville, Ohio and now currently living in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I have two amazing dogs, a German Sheppard and a Rottweiler mix. I attended Northcoast Medical Training Academy for nursing. I am involved in my families business, Stow Kent Family Entertainment for about twelve years now. When I am not at work you'll find me out and about with my nephews, bowling, or enjoying the outdoors.